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  • Took A Break.. Found Some New Toys

    Took A Break.. Found Some New Toys

    I took a bloggy break and found some new loves/toys!! My wonderful eldest daughter recently purchase...

  • Taking A Break

    Taking A Break

    I have been thinking about this for a while. And have decided that I am taking a blogging break. I w...

  • OOPS! I Moved It Again

    OOPS! I Moved It Again

    I just cannot seem to make my mind up where I want the damn washing machines. I loathe the fact that...

  • April To Do List

    April To Do List

    OK, I so need to get back into the roll of getting things done around here. We have actually been to...

  • Slow Cooker Meatloaf {recipes}

    Slow Cooker Meatloaf {recipes}

    Just the other day a Facebook friend shared a recipe for slow cooker meatloaf that she had come acro...

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Jelly Whip {recipes}

Jelly Whip {recipes}

Easy Plain Cake {recipes}

Easy Plain Cake {recipes}


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  • Savings … Budgets… Shopping

    Savings … Budgets… Shopping

    I am a shocker for saving money. My belief is – you only live once… So why save everything you have spare? I try to budget as best as I can, with having bpays  and bank transfers set up for most of our out goings each week. I pause/suspend if something is in front by a bit and then put that amount towards something else and then re-start the transfer/bpay for the next cycle. I actually paused our council rates and taxes until school went back in February as it was so far in front it was awesome. Was great ... Read More »
  • Where’s The Money?

    Where’s The Money?

  • Having A Change

    Having A Change

  • My New Love

    My New Love

  • A Good Bill

    A Good Bill

  • Phillips VisaPure {Review}

    Phillips VisaPure {Review}

    I recently received a Phillips VisaPure to review courtesy of Mouth Of Mums website. The Philips VisaPure is a gentle, easy-to-use facial-cleansing device that massages the skin to remove make-up and dirt, allowing you to take your daily skin care routine to the next level.  In fact, the research is in and the Philips VisaPure is ten times more effective than cleaning the face by hand[1]. Developed by technical experts and researchers working with skincare laboratories, the Philips VisaPure creates a salon beauty finish at home,  helping you make your beauty routines simpler and more convenient with the latest technology ... Read More »
  • Fairy Dishwasher Tablets {Review}

    Fairy Dishwasher Tablets {Review}

  • Review: Phillips PerfectCare Aqua Iron

    Review: Phillips PerfectCare Aqua Iron

  • Took A Break.. Found Some New Toys

    Took A Break.. Found Some New Toys

    I took a bloggy break and found some new loves/toys!! My wonderful eldest daughter recently purchased this Bellini Intelli kitchen master – aka Boris – for me, and she doesn’t have to pay board for around 6 weeks!! I am so loving cooking right now!! I have made biscuits, scrolls, cakes and will soon head into doing savoury dishes and meals!! I have also bought the air fryer out of hibernation and been using that to cook muffins, cupcakes and scrolls. I don’t use the airfryer for cooking chips like I wanted to as the arm - that turns and is ... Read More »
  • Taking A Break

    Taking A Break

  • OOPS! I Moved It Again

    OOPS! I Moved It Again

  • April To Do List

    April To Do List

  • And We Have Vegetables!

    And We Have Vegetables!

  • Present Organisation

    Present Organisation

    As we know Christmas is just around the corner. 6 days from today! And I have realised that I am not organised like I thought!! It’s going to have to be a bit of tough luck, as there is no spare money, so not much I can do about it. Going through the presents last night, and wrapping Master 9′s present for his 10th birthday today, I realised that I may have a problem. I have too many books for one child, and not sure who I bought a certain set of books for as it can be for boy ... Read More »
  • Where’d That Go?

    Where’d That Go?

  • iPad Storage

    iPad Storage

  • Let’s Move The Shower

    Let’s Move The Shower

    Our shower bay has been a bit of a pain in the but for a little while now. It’s been leaking. Called the insurance company about it and they came and checked it out along with a builder. So we got a huge pay out – not – to cover the costs of repairs – not even $700 – and that is supposed to do the floor. We were told by the builder that came via the insurance company that the walls would be fine but I was very unsure of  this. So, the other day I suggested to  hubby ... Read More »
  • Creating A Closet

    Creating A Closet

  • Bathroom Reno Thoughts

    Bathroom Reno Thoughts

  • Computer Nook

    Computer Nook

  • Unfinished Projects

    Unfinished Projects

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